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Legal Services

Our service is approachable and affordable

We have been providing a wide-ranging legal service of quality for over 175 years to the communities of Perthshire and further afield.

Property Services

Through our Residential Property Service, we provide an all-inclusive service for the sale and purchase of your property. We have detailed knowledge and experience of local properties and the property market.
Our Estate Agency is run by our Property Manager, Tracy Newland, and is managed by our Partners Alan Innes and Paul Keith, assisted by our other Solicitors. Please contact any of them to discuss your Estate Agency requirements as part of our property service.

Having your best interests to the fore, we consider all other relevant aspects of Scots Law whilst looking after the sale or purchase of your property (including, for example, issues of taxation and succession).

Our Rural Property Service deals with the purchase, sale and leasing of farms, estates and sporting rights, in conjunction with the relevant agricultural law, environmental law, nature conservation and taxation aspects.

Our Commercial Property Service has been developed by Lesley Gray and is now run by Alan Innes, and we have gained a reputation for dealing efficiently and accurately for property developers and others involved with the purchase, sale and leasing of housing developments and commercial properties in Perth, Pitlochry, Inverness, Aviemore and elsewhere. Acting for larger firms of developers as well as smaller ones, we are in an ideal location to advise on property dealings throughout Scotland.

We also provide an Alternative Energy Service, and have established a reputation in dealing with phone masts, windfarms and hydro schemes, of all sizes and complexities, on behalf of owners, commercial companies and community organisations.

An excellent personal service from the Heart of the Highlands

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Wills & Tax Planning

We have a wealth of experience in advising on the preparation of wills and family trusts and in all aspects of planning for you and future generations.

We provide a straightforward service in the provision of tailor-made wills to suit all.

We can advise on the benefits of granting a Power of Attorney to cater for occasions when you are unable to look after your own affairs, however temporarily.

We provide clear advice about Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax generally and a variety of planned measures which can be taken to mitigate these.

Our approach is to find out about you and your needs and by understanding your concerns. We explain the options and endeavour to provide workable and, where appropriate, tailor-made solutions for the long-term, not merely with the sole target of saving tax.

We have considerable experience of succession in small businesses, especially in a rural context or where an enterprise has been run within one family for two or more generations. We would be delighted to have an opportunity to discuss these with you.

We can apply the integrated skills of our practice where situations are complex and involve, for example, considerations of family, finance, succession and taxation.

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With so many living longer after retirement, or likely to do so, additional thought and planning is needed to manage your affairs accordingly. This is much more extensive than thinking about wills & tax planning, and includes considering long-term financial planning, the possibility of residential care, how a Power of Attorney works in practice, how to cope with State Benefits and how to interact with the Social Work department and other state and charitable service providers.

We can provide advice and assistance on all these matters, and have been doing so throughout Perthshire for a long time.

Our experience – Your benefit


When someone dies, it is always a sad and trying time, with so many questions to answer and decisions to be taken.

We provide a careful, thoughtful and detailed service to support the family, linking with other specialists locally, so as to be able to assist as necessary with registration, arranging the funeral (whether religious or not), and administering a loved one’s estate, whether or not there is a will.

We can advise as to whether Confirmation (Probate) is needed and, on behalf of the Executors, we will attend to all the formalities, arrange for all funds to be uplifted and transferred, for bills to be paid and for final accounts to be prepared and approved.

Our experience can come to your assistance whenever there are decisions to be taken amongst the family with regard to bequests, belongings and any permitted variation of a deceased person’s will.

At this critical time, we are here to help and be on hand as much as you need.

Companies and Partnerships

We provide a tailor-made service for the incorporation, amendment, updating and dissolution of all types of companies and all types of partnerships.

We act for farmers, shops and commercial concerns of all types, as well as for communities (usually non-profit-distributing or Commercial Interest Companies) and charities (usually Guarantee Companies or SCIOs).

For small companies (including family companies), we specialise in providing carefully-considered Shareholder Agreements to ensure retention of control and longer-term planning.

For partnerships, we provide assistance in relation to standard partnerships, Limited Partnerships and, increasingly, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

We consider the taxation aspects and liaise as necessary with other professionals including your own accountants and VAT specialists.

Whatever your needs, we deal with these efficiently and with care.

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Charities and Communities

A specialist service to charities and community organisations throughout Scotland