Executry administration is a Scottish legal term which relates to the process involved in winding-up a deceased person’s estate, on behalf of the deceased’s Executors.

The Executors are those people or organisations appointed in the deceased’s Will to carry out their wishes.  Where there is no Will an Executor requires to be appointed by a petition to the Sheriff Court.

When someone dies it can be a highly emotional and stressful time.

We are mindful of this and provide a careful, thoughtful and detailed full service to support family and loved ones, linking with other specialists locally where appropriate, so as to be able to assist as necessary with registration, arranging the funeral (whether religious or not), and administering a loved one’s estate, whether or not there is a Will, and ensuring that the estate is wound up in accordance with the law.

We can advise the Executors as to whether Confirmation (Probate) is needed, assess any Inheritance Tax liability and, on behalf of the Executors, attend to all the formalities, including valuing assets, contacting beneficiaries and arranging for all funds to be uplifted and transferred, for bills to be paid and for final Accounts to be prepared and approved by the Executors and beneficiaries.

Whilst one of our Partners will always personally oversee matters, our experienced Executry Assistant, Colin Kennedy, will deal with all day-to-day matters to include liaising with all necessary organisations on behalf of the Executors, relieving all of the administrative stress and worry at a difficult time.

Our experience means that we can provide both legal and practical assistance and can advise fully whenever there are decisions to be taken amongst the family with regard to bequests, belongings, major assets (including any house) and about any permitted variation of a deceased person’s Will.

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Our Executry Assistant - Colin Kennedy