Trusts are an ideal legal vehicle through which to protect and preserve family assets, for your chosen beneficiaries and loved ones.

There are different types of trust including:

  • discretionary
  • liferent,
  • grandchildren
  • bare
  • spousal bypass
  • compensation protection

Please don’t worry about the technical wording – we can steer you through the maze of trust choices to help select, and explain clearly the workings of, the best one for your own circumstances.

Trusts have been used for centuries precisely because of their flexibility, usefulness and benefits. They can be set up in lifetime or upon death to:-

  • protect children
  • protect spouses/civil partners/cohabitants or others
  • protect the vulnerable or those who have lost capacity
  • protect assets– care home fees for example
  • protect against the improvident
  • protect against the risk of claim
  • preserve tax benefits
  • reduce tax liability
  • protect against bankruptcy


Trusts can also be used as a way of setting up a Charity or Benevolent Trust.

We are on hand to offer expert guidance and advice on the range, convenience, applicability and flexibility of the type of trust best suited to you and your family’s current and longer-term requirements.