Making a Will is the only way you can plan precisely and specifically for the future by taking your own decisions about what will happen to your assets and wealth after your death, who will be your Executors and who will be named as your beneficiaries.

If you have a spouse, civil partner or cohabitant and, especially, if you have children, a Will is the best way of making absolutely sure that they are provided for appropriately and, in the case of children, at the right age. By making a Will, you can save your loved ones needless problems, money worries or even family disputes.

Even if you have no family, you will want to make sure that your possessions go where you wish - perhaps to friends, or to charities which you support during your lifetime – rather than to distant relatives or to the Crown (which could be the case if you have no Will).

Even if you think you have nothing to leave, it is surprising how life policies, pension policies and property values, as well as inheritances from others, can add up to make quite an impact.

Making a Will is not tempting fate. Indeed, making a Will will give you peace of mind, enables your Executors to know your own specific wishes and therefore enables them to act on your instructions so as to safeguard your loved ones.

A Will can also act as a strategic document to help protect and preserve wealth and in particular help alleviate concerns that may manifest themselves around the family home, second or subsequent marriages, children of different relationships and care home costs, to name but a few.

Looking after our clients is paramount. We therefore offer a free no obligation life phase review, which very much takes account of your testamentary wishes, designed to take an in-depth look at your life and your ambitions  and what we can do to help you to organise, prepare and plan for the future. Take the first step and contact any of our solicitors to make an appointment to take advantage of this complimentary introduction.