Charity Trustee Training

15 July 2019

It is more important than ever that Charity Trustees and managers ensure that they understand their legal responsibilities and are aware of and follow best practice.

The J. & H. Mitchell W.S. Charity Team provides training regularly throughout Scotland to Charity Trustees, charity managers and other professionals, on a variety of topics, but mainly relating to governance and relevant aspects of Charity Law and practice.

Whether it is to help new or existing Charity Trustees understand their legal duties or to provide specific training in relation to matter such as recognising and managing conflicts of interest, we always work with charities to understand their training needs so as to ensure our sessions are relevant, specific to the charity, and deliver the maximum benefit.

If your charity, or charities in your area could benefit from a Trustee Training Session contact our Partner Sarah Brown to discuss your requirements on (01796) 472 606 or [email protected]