Gwen Beaton Memorial Trophy - Team Day Out

05 February 2018

The J. & H. Mitchell W.S. Team had their annual competition for the Gwen Beaton Memorial Trophy on 4th February. The previous losing team were to choose this year’s activity and opted for ten-pin bowling in Dunfermline.

The Trophy was won by Colin Kennedy, Janette Kennedy, Morag Beaton and Ena Liddell, and other rising stars on the day were Andrea Morton and Paul Keith.

Gwen Beaton was a dear friend and colleague at J. & H. Mitchell W.S., who sadly died in 2016. Gwen was great fun to be around and it is an honour to be able to hold an annual staff event in her memory.

The losing team will decide on the next activity for the annual competition and are working hard to think of something that Paul Keith is not good at!